From: Jad "/dev/null" Davis 
Subject: Wait!!  This is just a Tea message, but imporant info is within!
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 12:37:53 -0500 (EST)

It's already March.  Ouch.  You should probably start on that independent
study.  Or maybe it's time to actually assign homework 1--seeing as how
the midterm is next week (see, I can be inclusive of all participants in
"department tea").  This week, Victor Lesser and his multi-agent system (which
he refers to fondly as his "students") and their lab MAS, will be sponsoring
the department tea.  All are welcome at 4pm in the multi-agent purpose room
except the people who eat all the M&M cookies before I get there.  
You guys go home.

Don't stop reading though, there's important info below.  No, I'm serious.
I know you don't actually read these messages, you just get to the "tea 
exists" part and throw it away, but you really need to know this next part 
so pay attention:

We all know Andy Fagg is, well, special.  You've probably seen him running
about with his lunchbox full of processing power and a hair band complete
with monitor.  The thing in his hand isn't a Twinkie either--that's the
keyboard.  Anyhow, Andy and Rod Grupen are sponsoring next week's dept. tea.  
They couldn't let this just go by without adding weirdness, so here it is:

Bring your "favorite" device with an embedded processor.  It can be
built or bought, and anything goes.  Except, I imagine, biological systems--but
that's just common sense.  This is the "embedded system beauty contest" we've
all been wishing someone would hold.  The most "creative use" of computing
power wins.  Ask Andy (fagg@cs) for any more details.

Be creative people, but don't bring your microwave--that's my idea.  I suggest
everyone participate: the prize, I'm told, is the WAM torso--or maybe some
prize of lesser or equal value.  

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