Subject: Coffee in 5 minutes!
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 09:55:01 -0400
From: Allison T Clayton 

Hi-diddly-doo!  It's Monday, and we all know what that means:  oh, yes, the 
airconditioner is still broken, and it is going to be hotter in here than a 
jet engine left running overnight, soldered to your forehead.  I would liken 
the day's heat to that of hell, but hell will actually be quite temperate, as 
they are windowless on the first floor of the building.  However, as with all 
Monday-Morning-Drawbacks, this Monday-Morning-Drawback is served fresh with 
Coffee, Bagels, and Donuts, thus equalizing the evil- and good-forces of 
nature and making the world a more habitable (and coherent) place.

To keep you cool, and to add some variation to the MMC-email-set, today I 
extend to you a tale that has absolutely nothing to do with coffee, bagels, 
donuts, or computers.  So, to get your fill of the aforementioned, you will 
have to go downstairs to the atrium and hit up the czars for some satisfaction.
After that, today might be a good day to accept the fact that the work you did 
last week is already outdated and needs to be revamped, and the work you do
today, while novel and impressive, does not meet or exceed next week's fine
work.  So, in theory, you could take this week off and get back to it next 
week...  In fact, aren't you lucky that Monday Morning Coffee is served right
near the building's exit.  You could just leave, and nobody would be the 

--Cookie's Fortune--

A cookie went a-lookin' for some milk or for some tea,
And he found his way to Timbuktu, a-way across the sea.
But on this lengthy journey there, his fortune he had lost,
Somewhere in that great big sea that he had come across.
A month or two went by, and not a fortune to be found,
But a bottle washed ashore on a deserted island ground.
We don't know how, we don't know why, but in that bottle's hull
Was a tiny piece of paper, and of fortune it was full.

A sailor shipwrecked, lost his crew a-far off of the cape
Of this tiny little island.  So alone he must escape.
Upon the shore and from the sand a green glass bottle tapered.
Inside the bottle, oh what luck, he saw a piece of paper
On which the happy, shipwrecked sailor found that he could make a mark,
And he sealed it in the bottle, and he threw it to the sharks,
But it caught up in a whirl pool somewhere far east of the coast.
By now the sailor and the cookie had assumed their lives were toast.

But a scuba-diver plunging down close to the ocean bed, 
Surprised and almost nearly drowned when an object hit her head.
A bottle full of destiny, she took it back to port
Where we encounter quite an ending, and it's of the happy sort.
A triplely-joyous outcome, though the three would never meet:
The master scuba-diver obtained a medal for her feat,
The sailor's saved by rescue team, thanks to a bottle that had swirled,
And the cookie has his fortune back, to share with all the world.

Cheers and Bagels!
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