Subject: Coffee in 5 minutes!
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:55:01 -0400
From: Allison T Clayton 

It's Wednesday, but since Wednesday is a Monday in this crazy, mixed up 
world, Monday Morning Coffee will be held.  Contrary to popular belief, 
just because the MMC takes place doesn't mean it's the first day of a 
five-day week.  In fact, many of you (delinquents excluded) have already 
worked a full day!  You should use this MMC as a celebration of such fine 
accomplishments!  If you weren't in on Tuesday, then you will want to use 
the MMC as a celebration of your three-day work week!  The MMC is One Big 
Celebration, all the time!  We have llamas!  Look out next week for our 
extensive llama giveaway!

This week, in lieu of Dr. Cal Feene's puzzle (Again.  The last one is next 
week!), I present more musings on breakfast:

--A Yummy Donut Glaze--

Breakfast is my favorite meal.
I eat it every day.
I always have a red apple
To keep the doc away.

Sometimes I eat eggs or toast;
The toast I spread with jam.
The eggs get scrambled, every one, 
And often mixed with ham.

Other days my morning's filled
With cereal and milk.
Of course that's good for dinner, too,
And so I buy in bulk.

But last week I tried a donut and
Found heaven here on Earth.
The frosting melted in my mouth.
A thousand words, it's worth.

I'm done with eggs and toast and jam!
With apples I am through!
Donuts are the latest rage
And good for dinner, too.

Unfortunately, you have to eat
Much more than one to fill.
But my solution to this is
To donut-shop at will.

I'm in their store both night and day;
I love donuts, as you see.
So I give you now this wise advice:
Buy stock in Dunkin D.

Cheers and Bagels!

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