Subject: Coffee in 5 minutes!
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 09:55:02 -0500
From: Allison T Clayton 

Good morning!  Welcome back from your Spring Break!  For those of you lucky
enough to have traveled outside of the Massachusetts borders, whether you were
skiing in Colorado or vegitating in Aruba, you are likely ready and psyched to
be back at the ol' grindstone.  If such is not the case, a good, old-fashioned
dose of coffee should do the trick.  Add some bagels and/or donuts to the mix,
and you've got a well-balanced (tm) meal on your hands that will kick you
straight into the week!  I mean, golly, did YOUR vacation offer such fabulous
Monday Morning Coffee?  I think not!  Aren't you glad to be *here* instead of

To ease you out of spring break, we had planned to order those cute little
drink parasols for your morning coffee.  Unfortunately, we didn't.  So
instead, you should take a napkin and fold it into any shape you want (isn't
it adventurous!).  Then, put it near your coffee and pretend it's a parasol.
Voila!  It's not unlike a mini-vacation.  (To maintain this feeling, you could
also use a laptop rather than desktop (connotes "traveling"), or dump water on
your neighboring officemate, shout "Surf's up!", and laugh.)  And remember:
mini-vacations are always more enthusiastic if you celebrate in the CS-foyer
with either a monkey, a film-critic, or the MMC-crew!


[puzzle continuation, begin tragically-hip mood-music]

Today we travel to a little-known area of New York City, Espres, so trendy and
posh that if you're gone more than 20 minutes, you become outdated.  The cab
we caught to get here took its sweet time, and, again, Ivana K. Offee has
beaten us to the scene (so, what's new, right?).  Our clue is in a lounge near
the center of Espres, so slightly off-center that it's trendy in itself.  When
we enter the lounge, its owner, Kathay Lottay, greets us pleasantly,
stylishly, and with a warm cup of chai (that's one each, not one for the group
of us).

Ms. Lottay takes us to a table to tell us about a gift she recently received.
It arrived from an anonymous source two days ago with a label that read
"Property: Dr. Cal Feene".  With a look similar to a tall beaker with a metal
filter, nothing quite like it had ever been seen in this fashionable
neighborhood before; it was, of course, destined for trendiness.  But now it's
missing.  Ivana suspects that Max W.H. Sanka broke in late at night and stole
the gift away.  However, in this case, she could be very, very wrong.  (With
Max W.H. Sanka's complete unhip-ness, in this part of town his cover would be
immediately blown.)  Perhaps the Doctor, himself, retrieved it from the lounge
and used it to put the final touches on his research.

Ms. Lottay says that a cryptic note was left on a napkin in place of the gift
the night it disappeared.  It reads:

47deg 38' N		117deg 31' W
32deg 07' N		110deg 56' W
33deg 39' N		84deg  26' W
41deg 09' N		104deg 49' W
35deg 49' N		83deg  59' W
43deg 07' N		76deg  07' W

What could it mean?  Ivana goes back to the counter to order a donut, leaving
us to solve the problem.  She believes that soon, if not today even, we should
be able to figure out Dr. Cal Feene's whereabouts!

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Cheers and bagels!

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