Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 09:55:00 -0400
From: Kelly Porpiglia 
Subject: Monday Morning Coffee in 5 minutes

The Coffee Collective presents...


a production of 16 parts.  Don't miss this provocative story of addiction,
sugar, and pumpernickle as it unravels every Monday morning!

Showtime is at 10:00 AM, in the CS building Atrium.

The cast, in order of appearance:

Abhishek Chandra and Daniel Ratton Figuerido (Coffee Czars) - although these
two are new to the coffee brewing scene, don't think for a moment that they
aren't star material.  Last week they dazzled audiences, and this week they'll
outdo themselves by serving up an exotic German dark roast (graciously donated
by Frank Stolle).

Martin Allen (Donut Duke) is a no-nonsense expert in the ways of chocolate
icing and creme filling.  He truly sets a new standard for live performance

Michael O'Neill (Bagel Baron) is thrilled to be making his Monday Morning 
Coffee debut here in the building atrium.  He brings the show a non-stop
treat for the tongue, a tantalizing array of bagels and cream cheese.

And the crew:

Matt Rattigan (Bean Burgher) is the man behind the scenes of this coffee
extravaganza.  His dedication to beans is unsurpassed; it's like nothing you've
ever seen before!


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