From: James Davis 
Subject: The Storm Approaches, and Quickly
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 09:55:00 -0400 (EDT)

Holy smokes.  The end is nigh.  Soon it's off to the front.  Once more into
the breach, dear friends, and all that.  For some of us, it's time to wade
into exams and toss back all that barely applicable hoo-ha we've had to 
learn all semester.  For others, time to look at the results of those exams 
and wonder who the hell those kids were listening to when they sat (or didn't 
sit--watching the tapes my ass) in your class all semester (one's head has 
alot more voices in it than  one would imagine before taking core courses).  
For a lucky few, the next couple of weeks has no more significance than any 
other weeks of the year.  But since those people probably aren't up at 10 
o'clock on a monday, we don't have to pity them in this message.  

No matter why you're tired, and you are oh so tired, the 
Monday Morning Coffee crew (zoo crew was already taken) has the stuff to 
help you up and on your way to that which lies ahead.  It's also a great way 
to procrastinate.  And if you stock up on bagels, you don't even have to 
leave for lunch, dinner, or tuesday's breakfast (if you use cream cheese,  
for the love of mike, do everyone a favor and put it in the fridge).

So we'll see you downstairs in 2 and 2 (actually 5 and none, but that doesn't
sound as cool).

BTW.  Coffee Boss Hannah wants everyone to know that there will be exam solace
next monday morning in the form of an unprecedented exam week monday morning
coffee.  It gives us an extra week's return on the embezzled MMC money anyway.
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