From: James Davis 
Subject: Coffee in five minutes!  This is not a drill!
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 09:56:29 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, as advertised, Monday Morning Coffee.  Yes, we're still in shock as
well.  Have no fear coffee patrons, your coffee team has been running
drills and staying sharp during "peace time."  Your coffee *will* be 
delivered to you with crisp precision.  

You may have seen Long running up and down the stairs with a 100
pound bag of Colombian roast over his shoulder.  Rob and Asjad have been making
dry runs to Bruegers and Duncan Donuts as well as keeping their pugelistic
skills sharp (to better deal with other customers in line).  Brent has been
locked away at a Shao Lin temple deep in the Misty Berkshire mountains.  
The exact nature of his training is secret, but we've all seen Crouching 
Tiger--I'm sure there's a coffee application there somewhere.  Hannah,
meanwhile, has completed an MBA in hotel/restaurant management.  All this to 
finish out the coffee season strong.

Make sure and come see this well oiled machine in action.  And get some coffee
while you're down there, you look tired.

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