From: Jad "/dev/null" Davis 
Subject: Coffee Quenches the Need for Speed 
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:55:05 -0500 (EST)

This week message is an in-depth, in-you-face, in-the-know, in-correct 
introduction to your highly capable (and dangerous--believe you me) Monday 
Morning Coffee team.

Starting from the top (hierarchically--order of importance is not implied):

You know Hannah Blau and Xianglong Huang will be the perfect prefects of
coffee (I guess Czarinas is the appropriate nomenclature?), because of the
comeraderie and teamwork that developed between them during their years of
service to the United States in the elite Navy Seals unit.  
>From the jungles of Panama to the shores of Grenada (I'm assuming Grenada 
has shores), these two have been in some tight places and come through not 
only with their lives, but with all objectives accomplished (don't ask 
about the details of those objectives.  Just a tip).  Coffee procurement and
preparation should not be a problem for these two.

Asjad Mumtaz T. Khan (what's that T stand for?) and Rob Platt, as most of you 
know, ran numbers for Doug "The Stick" McCullen and the Canadian Mob up in
Montreal.  In case you think that their membership in the Canadian Mob confers
upon them some less-than-total criminal credibility, talk to Dave "Only-Three
Fingers-Left-Thanks-to-Asjad-and-Rob" Davies.  Donuts, Bagels, etc. will be

Brent Heeringa is married (all other biographical items are strangely missing
from his file).

The bios speak for themselves.  These folks aren't to be trifled with.  They
*will* have you doughnuts, bagels and coffee here at 10am sharp, or there's
going to be another body with a "Dunkin Donuts" apron on floating down the
Connecticut river.  Rest assured, when you need that monday morning kick, it'll
be there waiting for you--in more ways than one, if you try to get by without
paying . . .

Coffee's at 10am in the Atrium.  Enjoy.
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