From: Jad "/dev/null" Davis 
Subject: Coffee--Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel 
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 01:44:51 -0400 (EDT)

Luckily, there are only two coffee weeks left.  I say luckily because the days
are heating up, and I imagine coffee sales will begin to drop a bit.  "The
days are heating up."  No that's actually not true.  Heating up would be if,
after last week's snow, we progressed steadily through the 40's 50's 60's and
70's before we got to 80.  I remember no such progression.

Not that I'm complaining.  All right, I am complaining, but it *is* much nicer
than the lingering "40 degrees and windy."  Which reminds me of an idea I
had--I thought it would be clever to teach a community workshop in
meteorology.  You could guarantee that the participants could predict the
weather correctly, say, 70% of the time.  Then, after their course money is
safely in your pocket, you write "In the 40s and windy" on the chalkboard and
dismiss the class.  Sure, they'd be blatantly wrong for July and part of
August and maybe a week or two of January ("but it gets wicked cold in
wintah," I hear you New Englanders claiming--you pack of liars), but they'd be
right the rest of the year.

So summer seems to be here for a while, giving us a break from 40 degrees and
windy.  I guess coffee will still be useful for staving off that AC chill.  If
coffee in 80 degrees doesn't do it for you, grab a summer-y
caffeine supplement of another sort and come get a delicious, wholesome, and
non-seasonal bagel or donut.

You know the time (10am), you know the place (1st floor atrium).  
See you there.
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