From: Jad "/dev/null" Davis 
Subject: Coffee in 5, or "Have you appreciated stoneware pottery today?"
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 09:55:02 -0500 (EST)

Did you know that March 6th is International Coffee Appreciation day?  Good,
because it's not.  It *is* however Stoneware Pottery Appreciation Day -- I
crap you negative.  *I* had forgotten about it too!  It's alright, though,
the day is still young (if you're reading this when I sent it--it's not still
young if you just dragged your sorry behind into work at noon.  You know who
you are).  Point being: there's still PLENTY of time to appreciate stoneware
pottery today, and it's close cousin, ceramic pottery.  Here's what you must

1) Wait out the few remaining minutes till 10 o'clock (in the AM).

1) Grab your stoneware or ceramic pottery and get down to the        
   multi-purpose room (multi-purpose in that you can appreciate both stone 
   *and* ceramic pottery within).  

2) Fill that stoneware or ceramic pottery with coffee for a low, 
   reasonable price (not nearly as reasonable as the free robo-coffee 
   during candidates weekend--but as close as you'll get).  

3) Appreciate that stoneware or ceramic pottery as you drink down the 
   delicious nectar within.

4) Your obligation to appreciate stoneware is now complete.  
   Go about your day as usual.  

Notes: For best results, choose a cup or mug as your pottery piece.  If
you're feeling tired, you might want to go with a medium sized planter.
Your fern will understand.
If you feel that perhaps you should catch up a bit more on your appreciation
of stoneware pottery, you might bring another piece and rest bagels and
donuts on it while you cavort with your peers.  

One last wholly unrelated note:
Some of you are not on the "social" list and do not receive department Tea
mail.  Others of you who are on the list asked me if the "bring your favorite
embedded processor" contest was real (you underestimate the diabolical 
nuttiness of Dr. Andrew Fagg).  So let me repeat:
This Thursday at the Department Tea (4pm), you are requested, nay, strongly
urged to bring along your favorite embedded processor (robots, computers,
jewelry).  It may be of your own invention, or can be storebought
(I can't wait to see how many people break out their palm pilots).  The
most creative use of computing power (that works) will be given a prize.
Maybe a date with department playboy Rod Grupen, maybe a guest appearance
on an episode of the Simpson's--frankly, I don't know what the prize will
be.  You can be sure, however, that it is will be well worth the effort.
(Ask Andy F.-- fagg@cs about any additional contest rules).
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