From Thu Nov 13 16:55:27 1997
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:44:15 -0500
From: Matteo Schmill 
Subject: wake up call

Good morning all. The MMCC now returns you to your regularly scheduled
bagels, donuts, and coffee. Don't forget to fill up before attempting
to get any real work done.

This morning I have a visual prop to go along with the
entertainment. Please stop down at the lounge (not before 10am) to see
it -- I'll post it on the door. Sorry to anyone who happens to be
subscribed but no longer on campus. You'll just have to drive down and
see. Abstract:

	"A method of determining the toxicities of chemicals involves
	recording and analysis of spider-web patters. The method is
	based on the observation that spiders exposed to various
	chemicals spin webs that differ, in various ways, from their
	normal webs. Spider-web	toxicity testing has potential as an
	alternative to testing on higher animals."

Tired and bored in midweek? Not enough time to go out? No problem!

Come to the Wednesday Movie at CS!  We begin this Wednesday evening with
_Lone Star_ free popcorn (and pizza? see below)  courtesy of the grad
students, and everyone (not just students) is invited. Bring a friend! 

TIME: Wed Nov 12, 6:30pm  --  PLACE: 217 LGRC, aka large conference
Check for future movies,

Still undecided? C'mon, we chose short movies (about 100 min) so you can
watch the movie, eat something, and go back at the other screen
While we won't offer a free dinner, attendees can order together and "do
dinner" while watching the movie ... or just go home afterwards.  

For this first week, if you RSVP, we'll get pizza for the estimated
attendance.    RSVP to,
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