Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:39:59 -0400
From: Matteo Schmill 
Subject: Monday Morning? Again?

Greetings, coffee drinkers, donut eaters, and consumers of bagels. It's
monday morning once again, and as a reward for making it from your car
(or bus, or wherever you come from) to this building is steaming coffee,
rich frosted donuts, and chewy, delicious bagels. As usual, these treats
will be available at 10am in the computer science lounge, and you'll
have to pay for them.

Your reward for reading this message comes from "News of the Weird"
this week. Do not try this at home:

 In March, an 18-year-old dockworker at Roadway Express in Dallas was
 arrested at a local Western Union and charged with forgery after
 improperly trying to cash a check made out to his employer. The man
 produced a photo ID that gave his name as Mr. "Roadway V. Express."
 After questioning him, the Western Union manager said, "OK,
 Mr. Express, I'll be right back (with the money)," but went into
 another room and called the police.