Subject: Pyramids from outer space
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 97 09:56:21 -0500
From: Miranda Barrows 

For those craving nourishment and fellowship, expect the usual array of 
both in the lounge at 10 this morning.  

Those who want nothing more from life than a pile of cash, might be more 
interested in this contribution from Lew McCarthy:

>> -------- start of forwarded message (RFC 934 encapsulation) --------
>> Sent:  Friday, August 02, 1996 10:43 AM
>> Subject:  Scientists decode the first e-mail from alien civilizations!!
>> Simply send 6 times 10 of the 50 atoms of hydrogen in this e-mail to
>> the star system at the top of this list. Cross off that star system
>> from the list. Then put your star system at the bottom of the list
>> and send the atoms to 100 other star systems.  Within one tenth
>> galactic rotation you will receive enough hydrogen to power your
>> civilization until entropy reaches its maximum! It really works!
>> -------------------------------- end --------------------------------