This week's message is on a personal note.  Actually, this week's message 
IS a personal note, which I received on Saturday from my dear friend
Karen.  I liked it so much I decided to share it with the Monday coffee
list.  Karen is a fellow grad student (not here, and not in CS) and a
dear, sweet wonderful friend.  I hope she forgives me.  

Forwarded message:

> Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997
> Subject: 8(
> one of my professors looks exactly like stephen king.  He is s nice guy,
> but scares me to death because he looks so much like stephen king.  every
> time I see him my skin literally crawls.  All I can think of when I'm in
> his class are all those horrible scary books which I read when I was much
> too young for them and which have consequently scarred me for life.  when I
> see him in the hallway I have to fight the urge not to run and hide under a
> desk somewhere.  especially when I see him in a deserted and darkened
> hallway like I did early this morning.
> now I am in the computer lab trying to write a paper (for HIS class) and
> thought I would dump my neuroses on mir and shelly and see if that makes me
> feel better.   (I think it did!)
> back to the books...
> Love,
> Karen

Need a place to hide?  Assuming the rest of the coffee collective successfully
braved the elements this morning, try the lounge at 10.