Subject: Wet snow! and perhaps coffee
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 09:35:01 -0500 (EST)

Greetings.  Disaster weekend!  A double storm with wet snow weighed down on
tree branches, with the usual consequences: power outages, happy kids, no
wait for breakfast at Daisy's, slippery roads, WFCR off the air (?!), and
the inevitable OIT router outage (i.e., you can dial into their server but
from there go nowhere) that this time took less than 24 hours to fix.  Our
own wonderful networks of workstations complied with Lamport's dictum ("A
distributed system is one in which I can't use my computer because another
computer I had never heard of is down somewhere," paraphrased). 

Ah but the beauty, the beauty of the snow laden branches. Especially when
they suddenly dump a few pounds of the stuff on you, exactly down the collar.

What to do?  The usual: grit your teeth and charge forward in the great
Yankee tradition of rising to adversity. Or something like that. If our (far
Southern) Coffee Czar survived, and he manages to get a powered outlet or two,
you can expect the usual fragrant brew of gourmet coffees wafting invitingly
from the lounge.  And if the not-so-southern Bagel Bab- er, Baroness was 
able to dig herself out (probable, after college in Pittsburgh!) there should
be bagels. And the first order of business of emergency workers always is to
restore vital facilities: hospitals and donut shops, so no problem there. 
So come on down and sympathize with our own emergency workers -the folks of
CSCF, formerly RCF- who will be doing long shifts and need the coffee too.

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