From: (Mistress and Meister)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 09:31:31 -0500 (EST)

Greetings.  After the long weekend we resume our duties with the always
welcome smell of coffee bagels donuts and all that.  Amtrak warning: we are
running a little behind schedule, and we will try to catch up by 10, but be
prepared to be a little patient. Thanks! ...  Some odds and ends this week:

Another Sunday NYT item ("Drug War Forces Rio [Brazil] To Dodge Its Bullets," 
1996/11/11, p.15), reports that drug traffic turf wars in Rio are claiming
more victims in part because traffickers are using more powerful firearms,
and points out that the guns are smuggled in from the US.  Rumors of plans
by the Brazilian drug enforcement agency to deploy military advisors at the
Colt factory (in Hartford) to foster "containment at the source" are unfounded.

<< Collegian: Mr. Meister, is it true that your aversion to doughnuts is so
strong that you tried to subliminally dissuade others from eating them by
variously describing them as "do nots" and more recently "dounts"?

Message Meister: These are totally unfounded allegations. Furthermore, any
contributions by the Bagel Lobby are well within current law.  And it is
not true that Juan Valdez, a foreign national, contributed to our last
election.  Last, but not least, I want to settle once and for all the
question of my drinking tea while I was a scholar in India: I smelled it,
but did not imbibe. >>

... and the deep thought of the week:

"It has recently been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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