Greetings.  Don't forget tomorrow our weekly MMC event ... 

As a follow-up to the elections an item in Sunday's New York Times,
entitled: "Voting, America's Not Keen On. Coffee Is Another Matter" 
      (page 2E, The Week in Review Section.)

The article discusses low voter turnout in last week's election: "just 49% of
eligible voters cast ballots for President, [...] lowest [rate] since 1924." 

In contrast: "More Americans take time every day to brew a cup of coffee -94
million- than voted for President last week."  And that does not even count
all the coffee-guzzling aliens!  They quote the author of "The Joy of Coffee"
thus: "Cream? Milk? Cocoa? Cinnamon? Gives you choices that leave you
satisfied [... besides, it] makes you feel you've done something good for

So do something good for yourself, and come over to the Lounge to enjoy fresh
coffee, bagels, and dounts, with your free inalienable right to choose cream,
milk, or even hazelnut creamer!

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