From: (Message Meister)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 10:09:18 -0400 (EDT)


The new semester has started, and with it we revive the rituals that make up
for the lost freedoms of the long Summer days.  One such is the annual Fall
potluck dinner, which we enjoyed yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who attended;
especially the gradreps, who organized, and to James Allan who played host in
his beautiful new house. 

Today we resume our weekly Monday Morning Coffee, about now (10) in the lounge
(next to the Main Office).  Do not be misled by the name, for this is not a
coffee-drinkers-only affair: we habitually offer orange juice, for example,
along with healthy bagels, and an assortment of donuts. Of course, we also
offer three varieties of the best gourmet coffee, one of them decaffeinated.
The coffee is fresh-roasted and just-in-time, lovingly brewed by the Coffee
Czar, supported by the all-star cast of the Coffee Collective.  Besides the
food, this is a chance to start the week mingling with others and commiserate
about the hard work ahead... So come on down to drink, eat, chat, etc.

Like all traditions, this too has its rituals, some of which I attempt to
outline herewith:
 - No special attire is needed, nor is there any secret handshake. Just change.
 - No consecrated vessels are necessary either.  Good environmental practice
   suggests that you bring your own mug, but (smallish) paper cups are always
   available for the forgetful (a pardonable sin before the first coffee).
   Besides, the paper cups *are* small, so that is the penance.
 - It is considered impolite to comment on other's use of milk/cream/sugar in
   their coffee.
 - There is no need to address the Coffee Czar[ina] as "His[Her] Highness", a
   title that has lost much of its luster recently anyway. But his[her] work
   is public service, so you can help by being nice and patient. 
 - There is a buffering scheme in place for the caffeinated coffees.  To wit,
   they are brewed and then poured into thermos bottles, from which people
   pour in turn. There are good reasons for this; please don't jump that step.
 - These messages are usually shorter and fit in a couple dozen lines, so
   don't unsubscribe yet. And contributions are welcome.
 - Coffee is a powerful drug: do not get between a person and his/her (often,
   in the circumstance, its) coffee on a Monday Morning.  The MMC Collective
   hereby disclaims any liability. 

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