From: (Message Meister)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 09:58:01 -0500 (EST)

Greetings.  Coffee and bagels and donuts await in the lounge. This
week we are boycotting Bruegger's: we have learned that they subject
their bagel prototypes to unspeakable non-topological transformations
and test them on animals. No, really, the quality of their bagels last
week was questionable, so we questioned it, and the Bagel Baron tried
a different supplier this week. Please send your feedback on this
important issue by replying (heh! not to everyone!) to this message.

 T-Shirt Operating Instructions:
 1.  Pull garment on over head, placing arms through appropriate openings.
 2.  Finish with label at back of collar with design facing out.
 _Fashion note - tail can be worn out for casual or tucked in for formal_
 3.  Wear shirt to pre-determined occasion.
 _Important note - remove all tags or labels, such as this one, before 
 wearing in public_
 4.  After shirt is sufficiently soiled, place in washing machine (note - 
 for best results remove shirt)
 5.  Leave the shirt just the way you removed it - inside out.  Wash warm 
 water/cool rinse.
 _Note - Xtreme shirts are NOT underwear - don't let your mother throw it 
 in hot water, and keep her away from the bleach_
 6.  Dry on low heat, air or line dry.
 7.  Return garment to right-side out and repeat step 1.