Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 09:57:48 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings. Monday morning again, so coffee, donuts, bagels, plus
accessories (half 'n half, cream cheese, sugar...) await in the
Lounge.  Do come! 
On the Etiquette of Coffee, by today's guest Message Meister,
Miss Manners (excerpt):
[...]      At informal breakfasts, mugs may replace cups and 
saucers, provided no one puts a wet spoon flat on the table, a 
prohibition that does much to explain why cups have saucers in 
the first place. The spoon may never be left sticking up inside, 
even for a second. Don't ask Miss Manners where to put it 
instead; she always uses a cup and saucer. 
        While it is conventional to remark that one is a bear 
before having one's coffee, please note that the excuse offers no 
protection to the rude. 
        Late morning coffee: This is properly served with bread, 
sweet or otherwise, and gossip, sweet or otherwise, only provided 
that the latter is not as thickly spread with goo as the former. 
Mugs are used, as, contrary to popular belief, paper does not 
hold coffee.  [...]

This week's message brought to you by ... 
    Nat'l Assoc of Pharmacists: Selling sleeping pills to the
       overcaffeinated for over 100 years.  
    Western Massachusetts Electric: Extra coffee breaks by
       randomly scheduled Blackouts.
... and by coffee drinkers like you. 
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