Subject: Patriot's Day Morning Coffee

Good morning. Even though it's Patriot's Day, we still have to eat, so
coffee, donuts, bagels, & cream cheese will be served @ 10 a.m. in the lounge.

============================ clip here ==================================

Today's prognostication competition: How many times will the large Kodak
copier break down before the drinking fountain across from the Physical
Sciences Library is repaired ?

And now a few words from Paul Callahan (
> When you've made it through your orals
> you want academic laurels
> --you want your damn degree!
> I would feel so much wiser
> --wouldn't hide from my advisor--
> if I had a PhD.
> If I had a dissertation
> there'd be no humiliation.
> I'd say "Doctor, if you please."
> [instrumental]
> I would publish all my theories
> in a twenty two part series,
> writing off the printing fees.