[Passover seems to come around every year...]

Top Ten things overheard at the Seder

10. And now we drink the first cup of wine
 9. Say, this wine is kind of sweet, isn't it?
 8. Don't forget the fifth son, the one who doesn't know enough to call
    his parents once in a while, God forbid he should pick up a phone.
 7. When do we eat, anyway?
 6. And now we drink the fourth cup of wine
 5. So Ben, explain to me this "Artificial Intelligence"
 4. Does manna really taste like Gefilte fish?
 3. While you're at it, see if you can find *last* year's afikoman
 2. And now we drink the fourteenth cup of wine
And the #1 thing overheard at the Seder...
 1. What the heck, let's sing "Dayenu" again!