From JMCCARTHY@cs.umass.EDU Mon Dec  3 12:23:03 1990

By popular demand, we have increased our bagel supply to
4 dozen this week, plus 4 choices of spreads ... plus the
usual 3 dozen donuts and plenty of coffee.  Come on down!
(I usually leave things out 'til 1:00, so you can come back
for more.)  Joe.

[And now some words from our MMC Messager, Jay Corbett:]

This week: Our own distinguished professor Orif Barrubgtib has 
           discovered one of the lost dialogs of Plato, related
           to The Crito and The Phaedo, which I feel is relevant
           to our Monday morning activity. For your edification, I 
           shall reproduce a section below. 

                   THE EXPRESSO
                     by Plato

Lobotomos: Is it true, Socrates, that the decaffeinated life is not 
           worth living?

Socrates:  Not only is it true, Lobotomos, but upon careful reflection it is
           patent. For is not reason the foundation of virtue?

Lobotomos: Certainly, Socrates.

Socrates:  And without virtue, there would be no reason.

Lobotomos: Of course, Socrates.

Socrates:  And reason requires wakefulness.

Lobotomos: No one could possibly deny it, Socrates.

Socrates:  And it is quite impossible to be truly awake on a Monday morning 
           without caffeine.

Lobotomos: How truly you speak, Socrates. 

Socrates:  Thus virtue ergo reason needs wakefulness via caffeine. Q.E.D.

Lobotomos: I see now that must certainly be the case, Socrates.