From: Jay Corbett 30-Apr-1990 0958 
Subject: Monday morning coffee at 10:15

COURTIER:  What is wrong, my Czar?
CZAR:      Ahh. It is some of my subjects. They take the coffee before the
pot is finished brewing, leaving weak coffee for everyone else.
COURTIER:  No! My lord. Who could be so vile?
CZAR:      Therein lies the problem. If I knew who it was, I could have a few
of their appendages removed. Aha! Courtier, issue a proclamation in my name 
offering a reward for any information about the perpetrators of this
iniquity. If they continue in their wicked ways, I shall broadcast their
names for pillory. 
COURTIER:  I am humbled by your wisdom, sire.