From: Jay Corbett 09-Apr-1990 0928 

                     MONDAY MORNING COFFEE

                         Jay Corbett
/ / / /        Beverage Development Laboratory (BDL)         +------+ 
\ \ \ \        University of Massachusetts, Amherst         /@@@@@@/|
/ / / /                                                    +------+ +
________       We are experimenting with ways to improve   |      |/
\      / ]     the productivity trough which occurs after  +------+
--------       a period of prolonged work deprivation
               (aka a weekend). We have recorded that          
               productivity rebounds proportionally to   
               caffeine intake after such periods [CKW89].
"Too much text. No one's going to read all that. You should have short
sentence fragments--- Problem: low productivity, Solution: bullet,
coffee, bullet, doughnuts, bullet, bagels."

"I don't get any sense of flow. . . Am I suppose to look at the coffee first,
the box of doughnuts?"

"What's the project's name? Where's you're advisor's name? What are the
potential uses of this research? How much do the doughnuts cost? WHAT! How
can you get away with charging that much??"