From: Jay Corbett 19-Mar-1990 0953 
Subject: Coffee and doughnuts at 10:15

NOTE CHANGE OF TIME: Since I'm perennially late, I'm moving the official
staring time from 10 to its de facto time of 10:15. 

THIS WEEK: lots of people are away/not coming in, so we only have doughnuts.

Many people have inquired whether my duties as coffee czar limit my ability
to do research. Well, not at all. In fact, I've written two papers in just
the last five weeks:

"Vertical free-fall: An optimal package routing algorithm for the Connection
Machine". This is joint work with Bud McCan and Lennie Skytes of Physical

"HIREME: An object-oriented real-time distributed concurrent operating
system for intelligent heuristic control of expert connectionist blackboard
cognition systems doing perceptual robotics."