[Ed Note: Not a MMC Message, but a real classic!]

From: Jay Corbett 14-Feb-1990 1032 
Subject: Elections

  -|-  _\|/_
    \   0-0
     \   U
      \/^^^\         <----- The Statue of Liberty
      |   XX\                                           ******---------
      |   XX/                The flag  ---->            ******=========
      |   \/|                                           ******---------
      |     |                                           ===============
     /       \                                          ---------------

(a deep, patriotic voice) This country was founded on liberty (thoughtful
pause), the right of the people to choose their leaders:
    | |
   (o o)  <----   Abraham Lincoln

Yet fewer than half of us choose to exercise our right to vote (said with
disgust). And fewer than a third of COINS grad students normally vote in their
elections. If we don't exercise our rights (in a vaguely threatening tone),
someday, we might not have them. 

WHAT:     Graduate student elections (followed by the traditional party with
          beer and munchies and soda and beer).

WHEN:     This Friday, February 16, at 4 o'clock.

WHERE:    LGRC 308 

ELECTING: 2 grad reps
          1 grad student senator
          1 coffee czar

Candidates need not belong to any political party or possess a sense of
humor (it comes with the job). Candidates for grad rep should have positions
on issues such as beer, comprehensive exams, TA/RA funding, and beer.
All negative campaign ads should be sent to GRADSTUDS_DIS.

Still not sure? Listen to this written message sent by Dan and Marilyn Quayle:

   "As the relase of Nelson Mandela from a Chinese prison shows, Glasnost
   is working. Let your vote for grad rep be a beackon of hope for 

The grad reps,

Jamie CALLAN, Jay CORBETT, and DANN Neiman