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Installing DrJava on Linux

In order to install DrJava, you must first have Java installed on your machine. You can skip directly to Installing DrJava if you already have java installed on your machine. (In order to tell if Java is installed on your machine, use your shell to look for javac.)

Installing Java:

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Java SE Devlopment Kit Download Page
  2. Look for "JDK SE 7u2" (under the section "Java platform standard edition"). Click on the link that says "Download" under the heading "JDK".
  3. Click on the radio button to accept the license agreement .
  4. Click the "Linux x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) download link depending on your architecture.
  5. Install the JDK and ensure it works by typing javac

Installing DrJava

  1. Go to the Web site, navigate to the section titled "Current Stable Release", click the button labeled "Download Jar File".
  2. Copy the .jar file to a convenient location in your home directory.

Running DrJava:

From a shell, you can type

java -jar drjava-stable-20040326.jar

or something similar for a different release number of drjava.