Daniel R Parker

Nickname: Arthur
Most Admired: Richard M Stallman, Linus Torvalds
Friends: None
Favorite Songs and Groups: Billy & the Boingers, Meat Loaf, Tom Lehrer
Memorable Experiences: Seeing live one game each for Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, waterskiing with Tim and Kevin, both Red Sox parades, getting married, my first job out of college.
Pastimes: Basketball, jogging, chasing my nieces and nephews, going to the movies, complaining about movies I've just seen, reading, collecting comics.
Pet Peeves: My vertical leap, crazy conservatives, comics that have the Marvel Value Stamp clipped out.
Prized Possessions: Original comic art, letters from Dave Sim, my sanity.
Last Will and Testament: I, Daniel R Parker, being of sound mind and easily winded body, leave the job of filling out hundreds of different UMass forms to the next poor chap who takes my place.
Sayings: "Sweet!", "Lame.", "Uh, oh..."
Future Plans: To create something as funny as Bill Simmons, as engrossing as Lost and offensive as South Park.