Currently, I am not actively looking for additional PhD students. It's always possible that this could change, depending on funding, etc., so if you're applying to UMass and interested in working with me, feel free of course to list me as a potential advisor your application. While I don't expect to take additional PhD students during 2018-2019, it's possible, and you should certainly also consider my many talented collegues.

I frequently recieve messages from potential students attaching a and asking me if they will be accepted to the department. I cannot answer these queries, as all decisions are made by committee. The good news is that if you sent me such a message, you should not interpret my lack of response negatively!

Of course, if you are a current PhD student at UMass, I'd love to talk to you about your research interests.

On a related note, I'm often asked by overseas students about summer research internships, which unfortunately I cannot support. (This includes self-funded students.)