About Me

I am now at Google Inc.

I got my Ph.D degree in Database Group in Department of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst. My advisor is Prof. Gerome Miklau.

Before joining University of Massachusetts, I was a member of Symbolic Computation Group in Department of Computer Science at Unviersity of Waterloo, Canada, under the supervision of Prof. Arne Storjohann and Prof. Mark Giesbrecht for my master's degree. I got my bachelor's degree in School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking Universtiy, China.

Research Interests


A Data- and Workload-Aware Algorithm for Range Queries Under Differential Privacy
Chao Li, Micheal Hay, Gerome Miklau, and Yue Wang
Proceedings of the VLDB (PVLDB) 2014 [full version] [python code]

A Theory of Pricing Private Data
Chao Li, Daniel Yang Li, Gerome Miklau, and Dan Suciu
International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) 2013 (Best Paper Award)

Optimal error of query sets under the differentially-private matrix mechanism
Chao Li and Gerome Miklau
International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) 2013

An Adaptive Mechanism for Accurate Query Answering under Differential Privacy
Chao Li and Gerome Miklau
Proceedings of the VLDB (PVLDB) 2012: 514-525 [python code]

Pricing Aggregate Queries in a Data Marketplace
Chao Li and Gerome Miklau
Workshop on the Web and Databases (WebDB) 2012

Optimizing linear counting queries under differential privacy
Chao Li, Michael Hay, Vibhor Rastogi, Gerome Miklau, Andrew McGregor
Principles of Database Systems (PODS) 2010: 123-134 [full version]

Automated Tuning in Parallel Sorting on Multi-core Architectures.
Haibo Lin, Chao Li, Qian Wang, Yi Zhao, Ninghe Pan, Xiaotong Zhuang, Ling Shao
European Conference on Parallel Processing (1) 2010: 14-25

Resisting structural re-identification in anonymized social networks.
Michael Hay, Gerome Miklau, David Jensen, Donald F. Towsley, Chao Li
VLDB Journal 19(6): 797-823 (2010)

Accurate Estimation of the Degree Distribution of Private Networks.
Michael Hay, Chao Li, Gerome Miklau, David Jensen
International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) 2009: 169-178 (Best Student Paper Award)

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