You have found Clemens Rosenbaum's web site. I am a PhD candidate at the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I am advised by Sridhar Mahadevan.
My interests span several machine learning disciplines, in particular deep learning and reinforcement learning.

About me and my interests

I am interested in a subfield of artificial intelligence called machine learning, the automated discovery of models to solve particular problems. My research focuses on compositional computation, i.e., trying to learn modular and composable models that may change for different tasks, contexts or even samples. I mostly employ deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques.

A very short CV:


A more detailed discription of what I do:

My main research interest is developing algorithms that allow a machine learning model to change its structure if a different structure is more fitting to the problem at hand. In particular, I am interested in modularizing models, i.e., in learning specialized sub-models that a meta-learning algorithm can compose to solve complex problems. I believe that this line of research can yield several desireable results. One is smaller models that require less computation; my particular interest, however, revolves around the question if modularized models allow better generalization by composing less complex transformations to fit new, previously unseen, tasks. This, I believe, is a core part of our human ability to learn from so few examples - we solve new tasks by mapping each required step individually to already acquired ones.

Projects and Papers


  • I maintain the "Routing Networks" PyTorch package Github
  • I co-maintain the Stanford Corpus of Implicatives Project Page


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  • Marlos C. Machado, Clemens Rosenbaum, Xiaoxiao Guo, Miao Liu, Gerald Tesauro, and Murray Campbell, "Eigenoption Discovery through the Deep Successor Representation" (ICLR 2018). openreview
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My preferred type of contact is via email at cgbr@cs.umass.edu.