University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2011-present

PhD-track graduate student

Research Assistant under Dr. Sridhar Mahadevan in the Autonomous Learning Lab

Specializing in Manifold Learning, Representation Discovery, and Reinforcement Learning

Washington University in St. Louis, 2007-2011

BS and MS in Computer Science


Google, summers 2011 - 2013

Software Engineering Intern with Aysel Ozgur in Search Quality

  1. Developed a system that improves search results for medical queries

Software Engineering Intern with Sally Goldman in Research

  1. Wrote pipelines for tuning and evaluating Google Play recommendation algorithms

Software Engineering Intern with Lijuan Cai in Google Play

  1. Wrote software for automatically improving Google Play search and recommendations

Washington University Genome Center, summer 2010

Intern in the Analysis Pipeline

Evaluated alternative short-read sequence aligner packages

National Institute of Standards and Technology, summers 2008 and 2009

Research Intern with Dr. P. Jonathon Phillips

Developed benchmark face recognition algorithms for the MBGC

Contributed patches to PyVision

Washington University Computing Center, 2007-2011

Student manager of the Humanities Digital Workshop

Trained and directed a staff of student lab consultants


Programming Languages and Tools

Day-to-Day Languages: Python, Matlab, Java, C/C++, Javascript

As-Needed Languages: Bash, Ruby, Haskell, Perl, Go

Proficient with most Unix-family OSes, Mac OS X, and Windows

Proficient with HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, protocol buffers, SQL

Profiles of Interest

github, stackoverflow