Mahjong Tile Style Implementation

The tile style is a biologically inspired architectural style that allows distributing computation on large insecure networks such as the Internet in a discreet, robust, and scalable manner. More information on the tile style is available in my publications.

The Mahjong tile style implementation is now available for download. The implementation Java-based and uses a lightweight middleware solution Prism-MW.

Mahjong is a work in progress. There is a working manual for Mahjong, but please check back here for new versions and updated documentation.

Simjong Discrete-Event Simulator

Simjong is a Java-based discrete event simulator that employs realistic network-delay models to simulate distributing Mahjong onto large networks. Simjong has been used to simulate such distributions onto one-million-node networks and demonstrate the effects of network size and network delay on tile-style computations. Simjong is still in early stages of development, but is now available for download.

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