CS 589: Machine Learning, Fall 2018

Course Number: COMPSCI 589
Instructor: Brendan O'Connor

Course Description: This course will introduce core machine learning models and algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction. On the theory side, the course will focus on understanding models and the relationships between them. On the applied side, the course will focus on effectively using machine learning methods to solve real-world problems with an emphasis on model selection, regularization, design of experiments, and presentation and interpretation of results.

Override questions: If you'd like to take this course but cannot register, please submit an override request through the online system. Above all, please describe your background in linear algebra, probability theory, and multivariate calculus. Please list any courses you've taken either in those topics, or using those topics or any other relevant training or experience you might have. Typically we have strong interest in this course, so we unfortunately can't guarantee everyone will be able to take it.

Textbooks: The course readings will primarily be based on two open textbooks: