Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence
                     Order of Meeting: 
             Summer Service of 22 August 2004

      	          "Three Ways of Searching"
                    David Mix Barrington

Prelude: Fanfare in 19-Note Equal Tuning        Blackwood

Welcome and Announcements

Lighting the Chalice

*Opening Words (unison)

         "We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; 
          which has no superfluous parts; 
          which exactly answers its end; 
          which stands related to all things; 
          which is the mean of many extremes."

*Hymn: #300 With Heart and Mind

Interlude  Auld Lang Syne                       Traditional, arr. Hayes
           The _ad hoc_ Choir


Offertory  Wonderful World                      Cooke-Alpert-Adler, arr. Drumm
           DAMB, vocal, Karl Drumm, piano


Interlude  Hymn To Joy	                        Beethoven
           The _ad hoc_ Choir
Sermon     "Three Ways of Searching"

*Hymn: #327 Joy Thou Goddess (English and German lyrics)

Closing Words

Postlude:  Gavotte (from Suite for Guitar       Blackwood
           in 15-Note Equal Tuning)

Thanks to the choir and especially to Karl for the music, 
to Lev Lafayette for posting the Tim Berners-Lee piece on Usenet,
to the Rev. Joan Gelbein for her service of Mary Oliver poems
at Chautauqua, and to the Rev. Jennie Barrington for inspiration
and support.

Last modified 2 September 2004