A Mathematical Foundation For Computer Science

David Mix Barrington

This is the home page for an undergraduate discrete mathematics textbook, under contract with McGraw-Hill. The book has existed for some time in a ten-chapter draft form and has been used in several UMass courses, most often CMPSCI 250. I am now preparing a first draft of an expanded fifteen-chapter version of the book.

Parts of the new version will be used in the Spring 2009 version of CMPSCI 240, which I am teaching. Other parts may be used in the Spring 2009 version of CMPSCI 250, taught by Philipp Weis. These will be available at cost at Collective Copies in downtown Amherst -- watch this space and the course websites for details on which sections will be available when.

Here is some information about the book:

Reviewing and test use of the book is possible by arrangement with McGraw-Hill -- please contact me if interested.

Last modified 29 December 2008