CMPSCI 791JJ: Conway Game Theory

David Mix Barrington

Spring 2007

This is the home page for CMPSCI 791JJ. CMPSCI 791JJ is a one-credit graduate seminar in Conway's combinatorial game theory and the associated surreal number system.

Class meetings will be on Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:15 in room 243 of the Computer Science building. (The official start time is 4:00 but we will start late to allow underfed and/or undercaffeinated graduate students to take advantage of the Thursday department tea.)

The main goal of the course will be for the group to read and understand as much as possible of Conway's book On Numbers and Games, generally abbreviated "ONAG". (Hence, according to Conway, practitioners of the theory are known as onagers.) The book is available from the usual online sources for $39 plus shipping.

Two other relevant books are:

The format will be very informal -- we will rotate the responsibility of leading the seminars with the assumption that the leader will prepare something to say about the agreed-upon section. I led the first class meeting and will lead the second. There will be no exams or written homework, unless I decide that we are slacking.

I will record our class activities and plans in the blog below.

Announcements (2 March):

Last modified 2 March 2007