CMPSCI 741: Computational Complexity

David Mix Barrington

Spring, 2004

This is the home page for CMPSCI 741, an advanced graduate course in computational complexity. My particular interest is going to be in circuit complexity, stressing its links to formal language theory and descriptive complexity. The exact content of the course will be developed in conjunction with the attendees.

The prerequisite for CMPSCI 741 is CMPSCI 601 or equivalent. CMPSCI 741 may be repeated for credit, as I expect to do somewhat different things from what Neil and I did last spring.

Students in CMPSCI 741 may well be interested in the lecture notes from the Summer 2000 Park City Math Institute undergraduate program in complexity theory, which I co-taught with Alexis Maciel. They may be found here. In particular, Advanced Lectures 1-5 are quite relevant to this course.

We decided during the first class to use a textbook, Introduction to Circuit Complexity -- A Uniform Approach by Heribert Vollmer (Springer-Verlag). Students should make their own arrangements to obtain this book.

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