CMPSCI 741: Complexity Theory

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2010

This is the home page for CMPSCI 741. CMPSCI 741 is an advanced graduate course in computational complexity theory, with a focus on circuit complexity and its connections to automata theory and logic. The exact subject matter treated will depend somewhat on the interests of the students.

Instructor Contact Info: David Mix Barrington, 210 CMPSCI building, 545-4329, office hours Monday 11-12 (but not 14 Sept), Thursday 2-3:30. I generally answer my email fairly reliably.

The course will meet for two lecture meetings a week, Monday and Wednesday 2:05-3:20, in room 142 of the Computer Science building. (This room is ridiculously large for such a small class and will probably be changed at some point.)

The expected background is a graduate course in the theory of computation, such as our own CMPSCI 601 which I taught last spring. This background can be obtained from a variety of textbooks, such as those by Arora-Barak, Papadimitriou, or Sipser.

The required textbook is Introduction to Circuit Complexity by Heribert Vollmer. We will cover most of the material in this book, and also read some research papers. Each student will prepare a presentation of some topic related to the course, in the last couple of weeks of the term. That presentation, and some problem sets during the term, will be the basis for grading the course.

Announcements (25 October 2010):

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