CMPSCI 611: Theory of Algorithms

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2005

This is the homework index page for CMPSCI 611. The course will have five or six problem sets, to be graded by the TA's. Students are responsible for abiding by the following academic honesty policy:

Solutions to homework problems must be entirely the student's own work in presentation. You may get the idea of how to solve a problem from a variety of sources, such as the instructor, the TA, fellow students, books, or the web. In your writeup of the solution, you must indicate if and where you got such help and present the writeup in your own words. A good way to ensure your own presentation is to write up your solution without other written material in front of you. Handing in work that is substantially identical to another student's work or to your reference is plagiarism and will lead to sanctions. These may include failure for the course and a report to the Graduate School, even on a first offense. (Any discplinary action by me is subject to appeal to the Graduate School according to the established procedures.)

The most common violation of these procedures comes when two or more students hand in solutions that are substantially identical to each other. Please don't do this. It is usually a matter of excessively close collaboration rather than deliberate copying, but if I can't distinguish it from the latter I have to treat it as the latter. With reasonable care on your part to write up your own solutions, this shouldn't happen.

TA Contact Info: Piyanuch Silapachote, better known as "Pla", Also Shaolei Feng,

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Last modified 30 November 2005