CMPSCI 601: Theory of Computation

David Mix Barrington

Spring, 2003

Midterm Exam

Posted 25 April 2003

Was given in class Monday 31 March 2003

Directions: Each question is a statement that may be true or false. Please state whether it is true or false -- you will get five points for a correct boolean answer and there is no penalty for a wrong guess. Then justify your answer -- the remaining points will depend on the quality and validity of your justification. Problems with higher point values will tend to require longer justifications, but this will not always be the case.

Crib sheet: I will state some useful definitions after the questions.

Types of variables: Unless otherwise indicated, a variable A or B denotes a language, D denotes a DFA, G denotes a context-free grammar, M denotes a Turing machine, n denotes a (non-negative)number, and w denotes a string. Remember that N is the set of all numbers, which we may also think of as the set Σ* of all strings.

Crib Sheet:

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