CMPSCI 601: Theory of Computation

David Mix Barrington

Spring, 2003

Practice Final Exam

Posted Tuesday 13 May 2003

Solutions to be posted Friday 16 May 2003

Actual exam is Monday 19 May 2003, 8:00 am in AEBN 119.

Directions: The first question consists of five statements to be marked "true", "false", or "unknown", with no justification needed. Here "unknown" means "not resolvable by the results in this course".

The second and third questions each consist of a true statement that you are to prove. As these statements were proved in lecture, you may not simply quote their proofs, you must explain them in your own words from memory.

The last five questions are true/false questions with justification, like the questions on the midterm. Altogether there are eight questions for 100 points. The actual final will have exactly the same format.

Crib sheet: I will state some useful definitions after the questions -- these will also be available during the in-class exam.

Crib Sheet: