CMPSCI 601: Theory of Computation

David Mix Barrington

Spring, 2003

Final Exam

Given on-campus Monday 19 May 2003

Completed by off-campus students by 28 May 2003

Posted 3 June 2003

Solutions also posted here 3 June 2003.

Directions: Question 1 consists of five statements to be marked "true", "false", or "unknown", with no justification needed. Here "unknown" means "not resolvable by the results in this course". No justification is needed or wanted, and there is no penalty for a wrong guess.

Questions 2 and 3 each consist of a true statement that you are to prove. As these statements were proved in lecture, you may not simply quote their proofs -- give an explanation in your own words of why they are true that demonstrates your understanding.

Questions 4 through 8 are similar to those on the midterm. There is a statement which is either true or false. You will get five points for a correct boolean answer, and there is no penalty for guessing. Then JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWER -- the five remaining points will be awarded based on the degree to which your answer is correct and convincing.

Altogether there are eight questions for 100 points.

Crib sheet: I will state some useful definitions after the questions.

Crib Sheet: