CMPSCI 601: Theory of Computation

David Mix Barrington

Spring 2010

Homework Assignment #7

Posted Tuesday 13 April 2010

Due in discussion class Friday 23 April 2010, or to the CMPSCI main office by 4:00 p.m. that day (due date changed 15 April).

Most of these questions are from the textbook, Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach by Arora and Barak. There are seven questions for 50 points plus 10 extra credit.

Question 8.3 uses the definition of BP · NP and hence the definition of ≤r on page 138 of [AB]. The latter definition (7.16) contains a serious typo -- the last probability should be "Pr[C(M(x)) = B(x)]" rather than "Pr[B(M(x)) = C(x)]".

Last modified 15 April 2010