COMPSCI 575/MATH 513: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2018

This is the home page for CMPSCI 575 and MATH 513, a single course cross-listed in both computer science and mathematics. COMPSCI 575 has a section for undergraduates and a section for graduates, but all students in the course will be treated and graded equally.

The subject matter will be (1) graph theory, including fundamental graph algorithms, (2) combinatorics, including basic counting, generating functions, and recurrences, and (3) a bit of combinatorial game theory.

Instructor Contact Info: David Mix Barrington, 210 CMPSCI building, 545-4329, office hours for Fall 2018 TBA. I generally answer my email fairly reliably.

TA Contact Info:

The course is intended for advanced undergraduates or masters' students in either mathematics or computer science. The prerequisite is COMPSCI 250 or MATH 455, both courses in discrete mathematics emphasizing the mathematical method of definition and proof. A grade of B or better is normally required in this prequisite course, but override applications will be considered, particularly from students with later courses such as COMPSCI 311 or MATH 411 that demonstrate the kind of reasoning that will be needed here. Applications should be made via the on-line CICS override form linked from this page.

The course meets for two lecture meetings a week, Wednesday and Friday 4:00-5:15 in Integrative Learning Center room S211. I will miss four of the lecture meeting due to travel -- the current plan is to cancel the lectures of 21 and 28 September, and have the TA's lecture on 26 September and 12 October.

The textbook is Applied Combinatorics by Alan Tucker, available through the UMass Amazon virtual bookstore and elsewhere. Most homework assignments will be taken from the text.

The course is using the Moodle course management system. Basic information about the course will be on this site, and specifics of the course will be off of the Moodle main page.

Announcements (6 Janmuary 2019):

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