CMPSCI 401: Theory of Computation

Solutions to First Midterm Exam, Spring 2013

David Mix Barrington

Exam given 20 February 2013

Solutions posted 15 May 2013


Question text is in black, solutions in blue.

  Q1: 10 points
  Q2: 10 points
  Q3: 10 points
  Q4: 10 points
  Q5: 10 points
  Q6: 10 points
  Q7: 10 points
  Q8: 15 points
  Q8: 40+10 points
 Total: 125+10 points

The language ABC over the alphabet Σ = {a, b, c} is defined as the set of all strings that contain at least one a, at least one b, and at least one c.

If X and Y are any two languages over the same alphabet, the symmetric difference X Δ Y is defined to be the set of strings that are in either X or Y, but not in both.

Last modified 15 May 2013