CMPSCI 401: Theory of Computation

First Midterm Exam, Spring 2013

David Mix Barrington

20 February 2013


  Q1: 10 points
  Q2: 10 points
  Q3: 10 points
  Q4: 10 points
  Q5: 10 points
  Q6: 10 points
  Q7: 10 points
  Q8: 15 points
  Q8: 40+10 points
 Total: 125+10 points

The language ABC over the alphabet Σ = {a, b, c} is defined as the set of all strings that contain at least one a, at least one b, and at least one c.

If X and Y are any two languages over the same alphabet, the symmetric difference X Δ Y is defined to be the set of strings that are in either X or Y, but not in both.

Last modified 15 May 2013