CMPSCI 250: Introduction to Computation

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2013

This is the home page for CMPSCI 250. CMPSCI 250 is the undergraduate core course in discrete mathematics and will deal with logic, elementary number theory, proof by induction, recursion on trees, search algorithms, finite state machines, and a bit of computability.

Instructor Contact Info: David Mix Barrington, 210 CMPSCI building, 545-4329, office hours Tuesday 11-12, Thursday 12-2, Friday 1-2. I generally answer my email fairly reliably.

TA Contact Info: (Clemens Rosenbaum, Tianbo Gu, Gene Levitzky)

The course is primarily intended for undergraduates in computer science and related majors such as mathematics or computer engineering. CMPSCI 187 (programming with data structures) and MATH 132 (Calculus II) are corequisites and in fact most students in the course have already taken both.

The course meets for three lecture meetings a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:20, in Hasbrouck 126.

There is one discussion meeting per week for each of the two sections, at various times on Wednesday as indicated on SPIRE. Most discussions will have a written assignment which you will carry out in groups. Discussion attendance is required, so that missing a discussion will incur a grade penalty. The TA's and I will cover the sections in various combinations, so they should be as interchangeable as we can make them.

The textbook is the current draft of my in-progress book, Discrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science. This will be available at Collective Copies in Amherst Center. The first half (Chapters 1-4) is being copied now and will be ready possibly Tuesday 3 September and definitely Wednesday 4 September. The second half will be ready later in the term. Prior versions of the textbook that were intended for CMPSCI 250 may be used -- the most recent versions of the book differ only by the correction of some minor errors.

The course is using the iClicker system, and the Moodle course management system. Basic information about the course will be on this site, and specifics of the course will be off of the Moodle main page here.

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