CMPSCI 250: Introduction to Computation

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2007

Homework Assignment #5

Posted Thursday 8 November 2007 (and by email earlier)

Due on paper in class, Wednesday 14 November 2007

There are eight questions for 60 total points plus 10 points extra credit All are from the textbook, A Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science, the second (blue) course packet. "Problem 1.1.2", for example, is at the end of Section 1.1 and is labeled "P1.1.2". The number after each problem is its individual point value. Make sure you don't do an Exercise when a Problem is assigned! (Though the Exercises should be good practice and the answers to them are in the back of the book.)

Students are responsible for understanding and following the academic honesty policies indicated on this page.

All the questions in this assignment are group questions -- please hand in one paper for your group of two or three students (the groups were reassigned after the second midterm and were announced by email).

Last modified 8 November 2007